Town & Village Green Registration Successfully Opposed

Town & Village Green Registration Successfully Opposed

We are pleased to have acted for a public sector landowner in successfully opposing an application made to Derbyshire County Council to register land within its ownership as a Town or Village Green (“TVG”).

In order to be registered as a TVG, it must be demonstrated that the relevant land has been used by a significant number of persons in the locality for lawful sports and pastimes as of right for at least 20 years. Our team worked alongside client officers in examining the site’s history, and preparing written statements demonstrating how these criteria had not been satisfied.

We also prepared substantive submissions discussing recent Supreme Court decisions to establish that registration of the application site as a TVG would be statutorily incompatible with the purpose for which our client held the land. The independent inspector appointed to determine the application recommended that the application be refused in light of this evidence, and the County Council accepted this conclusion.

Registration of land as a TVG can cause significant issues for landowners, and can prevent or frustrate future development proposals. Our team is able to advise landowners, developers, and third parties on all aspects of this specialist area of law, including responding to registration applications, or taking preventative measures against such issues.

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