Practice Areas

We have specialist experience in the following areas:


We advise on all aspects of retail applications and negotiations regarding Section 106 Agreements.  We can also advise on objections and judicial review of retail applications.  We are currently advising on a 250,000 sq ft retail scheme as enabling development for a community stadium.


We advise on all areas of housing applications including negotiation of large and complex Section 106 Agreements.  We are currently working on a scheme for a site involving 2,500 dwellings with a planning gain package of some £16 million subject to viability review.  At the other end of the spectrum we also advise on detailed interpretation of planning permissions and applications for individual properties, planning applications, appeals and the interpretation of planning permissions and permitted development rights.

Employment/Business Parks

We have advised on a number of large business park applications up to 4 million sq ft together with associated Section 106 Agreement negotiation and drafting.  Interpretation of planning permissions and extension of time applications are an increasing part of this area of work.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that planning permissions are commercially deliverable which allow flexibility and phasing of the proposals throughout the lifetime (which can be up to 20 years) of the permission.