Stephen Cirell

Practice Area

Specialist in renewable energy and low carbon schemes, including solar PV, wind energy, biomass, Anaerobic Digestion, geothermal energy and district heating networks

Works for a large number of local authorities and public bodies undertaking renewable energy schemes

Relevant Experience

Has worked on over 30 solar farms in the UK, across the country, four wind farms and a number of biomass installations

Was kead adviser for Wrexham CBC in installing solar PV on 3,000 council houses, has worked on all three of the solar farms built by local authorities in Cornwall, Telford and Wrexham, and been involved in over six district heating networks in London, Cambridge and Leeds


Twelve years in house as a local government solicitor, culminating in appointment as Assistant Chief Legal Officer with Leeds City Council

Joined Eversheds as a Partner in 1993 and spent 17 years as Head of Local Government, turning the team into the leading outfit in the country with a turnover of nearly £30m

Appointed Corporate Director with the new Cornwall Council in 2009 and worked to develop the award winning Green Cornwall Programme

Since 2010 has been an independent consultant specialising in renewable energy projects

Is author of 'A Guide to Solar PV Projects for Local Government' (2012) and 'A Guide tro Biomass Projects  for Local Government' (2015)

Stephen runs a website called Public Sector Energy, which provides a weekly update on the public sector energy market via a free newsletter.  Log on at